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AMS- Component Level Troubleshooting

The commitment to customer satisfaction continues long after products are delivered, regardless of where your equipment was made or what it was made for. 
We have the edge with unequaled experience, expertise, and technology.   We have the know-how to service it properly.  Our experiences support industrial and consumer products, our skilled technicians, and state-of-the-art equipment are at your disposal.



We also provide aftermarket services for products manufactured elsewhere and for legacy products that require sustaining engineering.


  • Clean, Inspect, Test
  • Component-Level Troubleshooting
    • Our skilled technicians are able to service electronic products down to the component level whether through-hole or SMT.  We routinely service analog and digital products. 
    • RF - We have extensive experience servicing ruggedized transmitters and receivers involving multiple channels, low-power, and highly sensitive.  All aspects of operator stations can be addressed including displays, membrane or mechanical switches, programming, battery issues, and enclosures.
    • High Voltage - We are equipped to service high voltage products for industrial control systems.
      • Inputs of up to 1,000 VAC, 3-phase, up to 150 Amps
      • Variable frequency AC and SCR based DC Motor controls
      • Servo-amps
      • Switching controls
    • Electromechanical - We service, rebuild, modify, and convert switch boxes, junction boxes, and antenna assemblies
    • Cable - We offer service work on a wide variety of cables, from coax to heavy-duty, multi-wire, ruggedized cables.  We handle cables up to 150' long.  We can repair or replace any parts, and alter to your specifications.  We use ATA for cable validation that offers more testing than can be done by conventional methods, in a fraction of the time.  It can handle up to 37 wires per bundle.
    • System Rebuilds - We offer coordinated returns of partial or entire systems, scheduled to fit your needs.  We can return products to you in lots or bring together several rebuild centers to return all at once.
  • Recalibrate, Recondition, Repair
  • Refurbish
  • Remanufacture
  • Field Service
  • Revision Update of Software/Hardware
    • Service History Data
    • Failure Analysis Reports
    • PLCM Opportunities












"If it's broke, don't fix it" will never fly for public transportation, mining equipment, or many other high-impact...



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  • Underground Mining Electronics
  • Industrial Cabling
  • RF Handhelds & Base Stations
  • Single-Board Computers
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Distributed Control Systems
  • Displays & HDMI Devices


  • High-Pressure Spray Washer
  • Low-Temperature Drying Oven
  • Conformal Coating
  • Sandblasting
  • Cleaning
  • Proprietory Cable-Cleaning


Our proven experience and technological capabilities have helped solve challenges for many companies.  Contact us today to learn how we can help solve yours.

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